Leading supplier of complex machined parts for
the aerospace, defense, and medical industries.

has over 30 years experience
with a long history of on-time deliveries
and exceeding customer expectations.

We focus on operational excellence and perpetual improvement.


We are also a learning organization.

At VIEV MACHINING, we belive that learning is a lifelong endeavor and
we scour the globe to find ways to become better operators.

Finally, we treat all our stakeholders with dignity, respect, and kindness.

We can only succeed if we do it together, including all of our employees,
customers, suppliers and the greater community round us.

We welcome you to our family


Utilizing the latest technology in 3-, 4-, and full 5-axis milling and 2- and 4-axis turning,
VIEV MACHINING is able to hold the most demanding tolerances on complex machined parts.
By using innovative cutting tools, imaginative tool paths, and the latest developments in
programming software, we are able to reduce cycle time and pass savings on to our customers.


Effective, efficient, repeatable machining is both a science and an art, and we thrive
on the challenges presented to us by the marketplace.


At VIEV MACHINING, we understand that making a program
that cuts right on the computer screen is the easy part.


Our programs are built for the shop floor and are designed for efficiency,
ease-of-use and consistent quality.


We program in Mastercam, the most widely accepted product on the market.
We can produce 3-, 4-, and full 5-axis mill programs and 2- and 4-axis lathe programs.


Detailed set-up books are provided that include tool lists, holder lists, operator
instructions and part images before and after each sequence.


VIEV MACHINING also offers full tooling and fixture design services,
with fixtures provided as a CAD solid model and/or blueprints.